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The PYXIS Truffle system connects gourmets with truffle hunters.

Finding truffles is a matter of luck. It depends on the forest, the weather and the trufflehunting dog. For sustainability, truffle hunting is done only 1-2 times a week. The exact time of delivery is variable, see what's available today.
It is possible to pre-order, or sign up for email notification of truffle availability.

Discover one of the most interesting and complex flavors in the culinary world: the truffle!

Get to know and be part of the truffle legend. PYXIS Truffle brings home the mysterious underground delicacy and its history. Our system is great for delivering fresh and ripe truffles to people quickly and directly. However, Pyxis is about more than that. We were founded primarily to help people to realize their passion for truffles, which we also share.

Indulge your guests with the prestige ingredients of gastronomy, fresh and ripe truffles. With the PYXIS Truffle system, you and your guests can learn about the location of the truffle, the forest, the truffle-hunting dog and the process of express air transportation.
Our task is to start a gastronomic story that will be completed in your kitchen. After the beauty of the serving, the harmony of flavors is most important in the meal. Therefore, it is a great choice to use fresh raw material straight from the ground after 24-48 hours of delivery.


For the highest gastronomic experience, the PYXIS system always delivers the various truffles fresh, depending on the season and ripe, due to the dog collection, to the gourmet table.



Thanks to the air transport service of our logistics partner, the possibility of fresh pick-up within 24-48 hours is available in many countries. But we can deliver the special truffles, kept cool and dehumidified, to the other areas within 2-3 days.



We have developed individual packaging for gourmets to give them the experience of eating fresh truffles. That way you only have to buy the amount you want to use.


Choose the new generation truffle commercial system yourself!




Buy carefree. Your financial information is the most secure as it will not be passed on. PYXIS Purchase Protection provides assistance with purchases if items do not arrive or do not meet quality expectations. After ordering, a sum of money will be deposited and will only be forwarded to truffle hunters after confirmation of delivery.


PYXIS Standard

By developing our own standard, the classification of ripe truffles enables the greatest taste experience for every gourmet. With the continuous training of truffle hunters and the application of the latest research results, the PYXIS system can always offer the best quality.



It is important to know the path of the truffle from the forest to the table. Therefore, with the QR code of our innovative tracking system, the express route of truffles can be traced from the dog collecting it through packaging and transport.



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