FANI and MALNA - Honey Truffle hunters

A walk among oaks, beeches, acacia forest, hazel trees where you can only hear the sounds of nature, away from the city, with one of the best friends you can have, a dog. It is in the company of dogs, with lots of patience, that we search for one of the most special, mysterious, and precious fruits the earth has to offer: truffle. This is, in a few words, the beauty of truffle hunting.



Your truffles were collected by FÁNI (Fanny) and MÁLNA (Raspberry), Labrador female dogs born in 2013 and 2014. Their accustomed couple has been collecting truffles for over 6 years to their owner’s delight.


In Central Europe, in the south-western part of the Cserhát Mountains, the hills to the east of the Danube, with an average altitude of 150-250 meters above sea level, are mainly covered by loess and sand.
The most typical forest associations are maple-oak and linden-oak. These forest patches are divided by loess swampy steppes. Acacia forests were planted on the loose soil to slow erosion.
Part of the landscape was declared protected in the summer of 1990, where the landscape protection area of the hills was established.



Thanks to the PYXIS System, fresh ripe truffles are always sent through the courier service for the highest gastronomic experience.



Honey truffles are totally unique – the world’s only sweet truffle, found almost exclusively growing wild under acacia trees along the River Danube in Hungary.
The aroma is reminiscent of honey and button mushrooms; the flavour starts quite similar but has a very long lasting sweet aftertaste. Due to their sweetness honey truffles work very well with desserts, but also in many savoury dishes. They are softer than other truffle species and vary in colour from white to cream and yellow. A unique ingredient – perfect for something very special and different!


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