FANI and MALNA - Black Summer Truffle hunters

A walk among oaks, beeches, hazel trees where you can only hear the sounds of nature, away from the city, with one of the best friends of the human, with a dog. In the company of dogs, with lots of patience we search for one of the most special, mysterious, and precious "fruits" of the earth: the truffle. This is, in a few words, the beauty of truffle hunting.



Yours truffles were collected by FÁNI (Fanny) and MÁLNA (Raspberry), Labrador female dogs born in 2013 and 2014. Their accustomed couple has been collecting truffles for over 5 years to their owner’s delight..


In Central Europe, in the Cserhát Mountains east of the Danube bend, at an altitude of 400-650 meters above sea level, in a hilly landscape, whose climate is generally moderately cool and dry. Unlike the two adjacent mid-mountains, volcanic rocks are not predominant here, but sedimentary rocks deposited in the geological modern period. The area of Cserhát was originally covered with dense oak and hornbeam-oak forests, which has now disintegrated. In the narrower area of the mountains, there are two landscape protection areas, where are working to restore the ancient ecosystem.



Thanks to the PYXIS System, fresh ripe truffles are always sent through the courier service for the highest gastronomic experience.



Black Summer Truffles (Tuber aestivum). It is the most common of Central European truffle species. Their size varies from hazelnuts to apples. The exterior is black, rough, the interior is marbled yellowish-white on a ripe brown background. Its aroma is reminiscent of cooked corn. The high season runs from July to December. It is found in deciduous forests under oaks, hornbeams, black pines, hazelnuts and linden trees.

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