MOHA - Truffle Hunter

A walk among oaks, beeches, hazel trees where you can only hear the sounds of nature, away from the city, with one of the best friends you can have, a dog. It is in the company of dogs, with lots of patience, that we search for one of the most special, mysterious, and precious fruits the earth has to offer: truffle. This is, in a few words, the beauty of truffle hunting.


Your truffles were collected by MOHA (Moss), a German Pointer female dog born in early April 2018. For her, this is the first truffle hunter season, but she works still very enthusiastically and productively on the plantation.


It is located in Central Europe, in the Bükk Mountains, in the highest average altitude in the cave-rich karst mountains of the country. Hazelnut plantation with smooth black truffles (Tuber macrosporum) planted in autumn 2013, wich is rich in sunlight, rainy but cool. The Bükk range protects it from too cold winds from the north, and a favorable microclimate develops on the southern, southwestern slopes. The soil is characterized by the deposition of calcareous, clayey layers on the rhyolite tuff bedrock between the Late Carboniferous and Middle Jurassic Ages for nearly 160 million years.


Thanks to the PYXIS System, fresh ripe truffles are always sent through the courier service for the highest gastronomic experience.



The aroma of Smooth black Truffle (Tuber macrosporum) is reminiscent of garlic at first and then onion when ripe. Due to its excellent properties, it increasingly deserves a place in modern gastronomy. The collection period runs from early September to late December, or until the first ground frosts.


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