Fresh White Alba Truffles (Tuber magnatum)

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Fresh White Alba Truffles (Tuber magnatum)

White Truffle, or better known White Alba Truffle, is surely the most precious variety of truffle from a economic and culinary point of view. It smells very intense, reminiscent of garlic, but all the more pleasant. Is unmistakably white and yellowish with small white veins. The surface is smooth, ochre or olive-yellow, sometimes also grey-blackish.

In addition to central and northern Italy, the Istrian peninsula in Croatia is the best-known production area. In recent decades, however it has become apparent that it is common in several parts of the Balkans.

Compared to other truffles, it is really an underground fungus, as it usually develops a fruiting body deeper, often at a depth of 10-20 (30) cm.

Part of the story:
Get to know and be part of the truffle journey from the forest to the table. Use the innovative tracking QR code in the package to learn the history of your truffles from the collection area, to getting to know the truffle hunting dog, to express delivery.
Collecting season:
In Europe from late September to December
How to use Fresh Truffles:
Truly a magical experience. White truffles must always be served raw – grated or sliced over a dish just before serving. They are usually served on simple dishes – traditionally on egg, pasta, risotto or fonduta.
Home serving:
For a starter we recommend you allow approximately 10 grams of Fresh White Alba Truffles per person. Please allow approximately 20 grams per person for a gourmet main course.
Delivery dates:
Finding truffles is a matter of luck. It depends on the forest, the weather and the truffle hunting dog. For sustainability, truffle hunting is done only 1-2 times a week. The exact time of delivery is variable, but we will always send you an email notification. (usually Monday and Thursday)
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Question about the product
Shelf life
White Alba Truffles are perishable but they will last up to 12-14 days if stored correctly. Kept into a refrigerator at 37.5 F (3 C ), wrapped in paper towel.
All of our fresh truffle orders are shipped in specialist and design refrigerated packaging and delivered by recorded delivery which requires a signature upon receipt. Therefore, please ensure you are available to take receipt of your order. As soon as your Fresh Truffles arrive, unwrap them carefully from their packaging.
Delivery methods
On the day of a successful truffle hunt for freshness DHL EXPRESS delivery, until the end of the next working day, up to 2.5 kg for a shipping cost of € 24.90.
Payment methods
Credit card payment. After ordering, a sum of money will be deposited and will only be forwarded to truffle hunters after confirmation of delivery.
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